Keeping a Secret Can Be Tough in This Business

diamond accented engagement ring One thing I have never been good at is keeping a secret! My friends will definitely agree with me on this! Well, sometimes being in the business of loose diamonds and engagement rings, you have to learn how to keep a secret so you don’t blow any surprises! That is something I have had to learn and something I am actually getting better at!

A few months ago, I was contacted by the boyfriend of one of my dearest friends. He told me that he was looking to start the process of buying an engagement ring. I was over the moon and so excited and couldn’t wait to help design the perfect diamond engagement ring for a friend that means so much to me. A few emails back and forth, an appointment or two in the office and we had locked down the diamond and the engagement ring design. For him, the hard part was trying to figure out the perfect proposal but for me the hardest part was not sticking my foot in my mouth every time I would see my girlfriend.

Well, I am happy to report that he popped the question and she said ‘YES!!!”. I am thrilled for my girlfriend and even happier that 1) I didn’t blow the surprise and 2) I don’t have to keep this secret anymore! Phew! Congrats to Dave and Mia!!!

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