Jewelry Wish List: deBebians Current Bestsellers

If you want to know what items are popular and selling a lot, here is a list for you of our current top bestsellers. At deBebians we sell a variety of jewelry items including engagement rings, wedding rings, signet rings and so much more. This list is a cheat sheet that can guide you to our most popular products.

  1. Oval Pave Engagement Ring  
    This diamond pave engagement ring setting (item HE281) has long been one of our top sellers. The setting can be modified to fit any shape center stone. With this setting, you can choose if you want a flush set or basket design. The basket design seems to be the winner more often than not. Jewelry trends are leaning towards more delicate designs and with the shank of this engagement ring being about 1.7mm wide, it gives the delicate look women are seeking.

  2. Marquise and Round Diamond Laurel Eternity Ring  
    By far our most popular eternity ring (item DWB-54), this has been a top seller for a few years now. There is just something unique and special about this design that features marquise and round diamonds. Women are choosing this as their wedding band because the design actually fits really well up alongside many engagement rings. It’s also wide enough to wear solo. Love this ring!

  3. Black Titanium Ring for Men  
    Let’s not forget the men out there! This black titanium ring for men (item BMTB-229) is definitely our best selling men's band of late. Titanium is a lighter weight and with men not being as used to wearing jewelry as women, they seem to prefer this over a heavier ring. With this particular men's band, the combo of the black against the titanium gives a softer look. I can see why so many men love this wedding ring!

  4. Round Shaped Yellow Gold Signet Ring  
    Signet rings for men and women are quite popular! We have so many styles and designs that it can be hard to weed through them all. Let me cut to the chase and share this one with you. This is our most popular signet ring for women (item SRW-RS-S). It has a nice face size and a sleeker shank (part of ring that goes around your finger) with a solid or open back. You can engrave initials, a design or even a crest design on this signet.

I wanted to highlight some of our best selling products. The Holidays are around the corner and gift giving can be hard. To be completely honest, I am horrible at gift giving.  I actually make lists in my iPhone throughout the year when I think of a perfect gift for someone. I know when it comes time for their birthday or a Holiday that I’ll forget. You may not have made a list yet, but I’m hoping this list can help you choose something popular for that special someone!

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