Jewelry for the Award Season

Award season kicked off this weekend with the Golden Globes, but surprisingly the jewelry was fairly simple with the exception of Sofia Vergara’s turquoise necklace. Most of the ladies on the red carpet thus far went with dangling pieces like drops or chandeliers, simple studs, or worked metal earrings made of gold complemented by gold bangle bracelets.

While Jennifer Lawrence’s look inspired some amusing memes including one comparison to Ariel’s makeshift sail dress from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, her dangling drop earrings featuring what appears to be bright green jade center stones stood out to me.  Each earring was made up with a pear shaped drop halo laden with diamonds that surrounded trillion shaped jade green stones while the dangling portion itself looked to be pieced together from different shaped beads.  It reminded me of this set of custom pear shaped opal jewelry that we made for a customer.

Custom Opal Jewelry Set

Since we normally don’t offer opals on our site, these weren’t products that eventually got added to our vast collection of designs, but I can totally see them at a star studded event like the Golden Globes around the neck and on the ears of a young starlet like Ms. Lawrence.

The other popular choice of the night was demure diamond jewelry in the form of studs or halo studs.

Diamond Studs

These simple earrings graced the ears of many of the stars at the Golden Globes just to add a bit of glitter to their look with most of the attention going to their magnificent dresses and gowns.

Because simple appears to be in so far this award season, I’m expecting that at future red carpet gatherings, we’ll be seeing some pieces like this three stone pendant accenting our favorite celebrity looks.

Three Stone Diamond Pendant

It’s pieces like these that are all too classic and timeless with a plain chain that look to be the standard accessory for this year.

What did you think of the looks from the Golden Globes this year?  What kinds of pieces would you have worn to the event if you were able to attend?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to browse our jewelry collection for more diamond jewelry looks!

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