Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Marry

Hannah Quinlivan & Jay Chou

Earlier this month the Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou married his model girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan in Yorkshire, England at Selby Abbey after seeing her for four years.  For many who are interested in the Chinese music scene, Jay Chou is one of the best known figures for the last decade who made his music debut in the year 2000 and began acting in 2005 with the Hong Kong adaptation of Initial D.  He is probably best known by Westerners for his role as Kato in Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet and possibly the theme song to the 2006 film Fearless starring Jet Li.  His private life had long been a secret and the initial announcement of his engagement came as a rather huge surprise.  His relationship with Quinlivan was not even announced until November 2014 when he set the wedding date!

Chou has been rather mum about when exactly he first met his wife, but supposedly they became closer while she was working at his part-owned fashion store Phantaci although a choreographer friend of Chou’s takes the credit for introducing the couple to each other.

No actual details were ever revealed about the engagement ring, but rumors, which are denied by Chou, say that supposedly a Tiffany & Co. ring was purchased as a symbol of their love.  It’s speculated that this instagram photo features the engagement ring (although it’s on the wrong finger so could just be a personal ring she just wanted to wear).

Engagement photos were taken across beautiful landscapes in Europe (specifically Paris, Prague, and Germany) and released in October on Jay Chou’s Official Facebook page as well as wedding photos and video from the recent ceremony.

Details of the wedding revealed about the actual fairytale wedding though by Chou’s management company to media outlets as well.  The gown is supposedly from the Taiwan-based boutique Sophia Weddings while the crown and necklace she wears are reportedly worth $33.4 million Taiwan dollars (just over $1 million US by today’s exchange rate) and $278.1 million Taiwan dollars (about $8.8 million US) respectively.  All details were supposedly decided by Quinlivan.

Just looking at the photos and watching the video, their relationship and wedding are really the epitome of a dream wedding and serve as an inspiration to others.  The story of their engagement and their wedding alone are things that others can only aspire to especially with an engagement shoot that literally took place all over the world.  The idyllic and picturesque scenes of both their engagement photos and the shots of their wedding really depict a sweet “Love Before the Century”. (People who listen to his music will get this.)

If you feel sufficiently inspired by the nuptials of this celebrity couple, feel free to use that inspiration to plan your dream wedding by perusing our collection.

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