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Inspired by “Frozen”

Like a great portion of the world, I am absolutely obsessed with Disney’s Frozen.  It has a wonderful story and a hands down amazing soundtrack that I will admit to listening to at work.  Especially several different language versions of “Let It Go” (I think I need help).  That said though, it’s pretty inevitable that I wouldn’t be able to separate rhetoric that describes ice and snow from rhetoric that describes diamonds, so I’ll admit to finding inspiration in the film for some of my writing and thought that this week for my blog entry, I’ll just go for it and pick out some rings that remind me the most of the characters in the film.  Spoilers abound, but if you’re even reading this, you have probably seen it already and are just as obsessed as I am.

Elsa – Beginning

Vine Twisted Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

For Elsa and Anna, I feel like I have to represent them with two different rings each because both characters go through a whole lot of change throughout the film.  To start off with though, this is a ring that really reminds me of how Elsa is right at the beginning of the movie.  It probably makes more sense when you see what I have for Snow Queen Elsa, but in comparison to that ring below, this one is a lot more subdued and very much emulates that “conceal; don’t feel” philosophy her father requests her to follow.  The ice leaves are a reference to her latent cryokinetic powers that she’s trying to hide that only leak out at this point and the blue sapphire is a stone that is beautiful, but is definitely a lot more muted than the bright radiance that comes from the diamonds and ice.  It is also a stone that denotes emotion and sensitivity, which is something I think really resonates with Elsa’s character at the beginning.

Elsa – Snow Queen

Floral Halo Engagement Ring Setting

This floral halo engagement ring is what I thought reminded me the most of Snow Queen Elsa.  Here she’s basically in full bloom because she let all of her inhibitions go and accepted who she is, so there’s more diamonds and sparkle.  I really felt like whatever I chose had to be a halo, but at the same time I didn’t want to pick anything with pave because that would be too much and Elsa just needs to find balance.  This ring also looked the most like a snowflake, so I thought it worked the best.

Anna – Beginning

Peridot and Diamond Landmark Eternity Ring

Anna is the girl who has been more or less isolated for most of her life, but generally happy and with a certain naivete.  For Elsa’s coronation, they open up the gates to Arendelle “For the First Time in Forever”, which means it’s a landmark occasion for Anna — hence the landmark eternity ring.  The style represents some significant milestone in life and for Anna, I think that perfectly represents who she is at the beginning of the film.  The peridot stones, of course, visually match her dress, but they’re also a stone of springtime, youth, and innocence so all of that energy she exudes as she runs about the town is reflected in them.  I also picked the diamond and peridot version because the reason for the situation is because of her sister’s ice powers and she still has that one lock of white hair that is a remnant of the incident from their childhood that the movie opens with where she gets hit in the head by a shot of Elsa’s powers when they’re playing.  The rose gold metal color is an allusion to both her hair and her distinctly warmer personality.

Anna – Heroine

Garnet Eternity Band in Channel Setting

By the end of the film, Anna’s come into her own and is warm and strong in her own right and had also changed outfits to something more suited for the endless winter that Elsa had started.  The choice of rhodolite garnet over the deep red of standard garnet is a visual match to her outfit, but garnet itself has a very particular relationship with winter as it’s a birthstone for the month of January.  Part of its mythos is also that garnets were once used by Noah to light his Ark because within their deep color, they have an incredible glow that supposedly never goes out, so even in a mid-winter month like January, the garnet will warm you with deep love, which mirrors the end of the film as Anna saves the day with her true love for her sister thus breaking through the eternal winter like the light of love emanating from a garnet.


Oval Three Stone Engagement Ring

To be honest, I was having a bit of a difficult time deciding on something for Olaf, but I decided on this three stone with an oval center stone because I felt like Olaf’s shape is one of the unique things about him in comparison to other snow people.  A typical snowman usually has three parts to it, so a three stone seemed appropriate, but rather than something with spherical side stones, I opted for the pears because Olaf’s story is very strongly related to his curiosity about summer.  Their odd shape could be a reference to melting since they’re not round, but pears are also called “teardrop” shapes, which is more of a reference to the sad truth about what snowmen really do “In Summer”.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Five Stone Ring

This radiant yellow diamond five stone band struck me as the most similar to Kristoff.  There’s the obvious reference to his blond looks which stands out against the snow and the rest of the characters, which is rather notable because he’s an orphan and it gets blatantly pointed out by his troll family in “Fixer Upper”.  The bulk of the ring though I feel like is reminiscent of his man-of-the-outdoors build and the radiant cut quite similar to the blocks of ice he hauls for work.  The yellow gold prongs and setting itself though are very much like his sled and even Sven the Reindeer’s antlers because as he professes himself, “Reindeers are Better Than People”.  He’s a genuinely good guy though, so the brilliant sparkle that comes from the yellow diamonds really emphasize that and informed my choice over picking something with yellow sapphires or a different gemstone.


14kt Gold Celtic Knot Wedding Ring

I love Sven the Reindeer, and while it isn’t much, I really felt like this Celtic ring suited him the best.  The intricate twists I thought were representative of the intricacies of his antlers and the weaving just seemed the most similar to his harness.  He’s also eternally loyal and devoted to Kristoff, which I think is exemplified in the weaving pattern and typically signifies timelessness and eternity.


Floral Accented Pave Engagement Ring with Ruby

By the end of the film, most people probably wouldn’t be too fond of Hans, but he is an important character so I included him.  The ruby is, of course, a reference to a visual cue about Hans, but it’s also a stone of power and ambition, which Hans has plenty of being the youngest of 13 sons.  The fanciful contours of the inside of the ring also are a representation of his noble upbringing as a prince and the pomp of his princely attire at the beginning of the film.

I hope you enjoyed this look at some rings that remind me of the characters in Frozen.  If you have any ideas for pop culture inspired jewelry collections, please let us know!  After all, jewelry means different things to different people, and here at deBebians, the important thing to us is helping you to select the dream jewelry that best suits and has meaning for you or the person you want to give it to.  We hope that by doing pieces like these, it helps you to open your mind to the possibilities of gift ideas for the ones you love.

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