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Increase Sparkle and Color by Resetting Your Diamond

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a customer who was interested in resetting her yellow radiant cut diamond. She had purchased a vintage style halo engagement ring and felt that her ring did not sparkle. After sending me a picture, I immediately knew what was wrong. A vintage style engagement ring typically features pave set diamonds with a milgrain accented wall. In contrast, u pave diamond accented engagement rings do not have a wall, therefore you see more of the diamonds and less metal. I knew immediately that switching over to a u pave diamond halo engagement ring would give her that sparkle she was looking for.

The original mounting featured a fancy pink pave diamond halo set in rose gold with a white pave diamond accented shank. Pairing pink diamonds with yellow is trendy. However, I find white diamonds enhance fancy yellow diamonds the most. Since the white diamonds were only on the shank, the center diamond was looking washed out. Suspended in a halo of true fancy pink diamonds, the center stone was also being surpassed in the intensity of the color.

Original engagement ring setting.

Original engagement ring setting.

The customer selected style # HE259, which is a halo mounting, for her center 1.06ct yellow radiant cut diamond. We customized the mounting to feature an 18kt yellow gold cup and prongs in order to intensify the color of the diamond. The yellow radiant diamond did not reach a fancy color grade so it was beneficial to use this kind of mounting to enhance the color. I find that our yellow diamond engagement rings make the diamond appear one grade higher than they do when loose due to the specialized yellow cup. In my opinion, the finished piece definitely looks like it reached a light fancy yellow grade when the actual color is considered XYZ (light yellow). The overall brightness of the ring was also enhanced with the use of colorless white diamonds, which release flashes of white light known as brilliance.

New engagement ring setting after reset

New engagement ring setting after reset

It is important as the consumer to know what to look for when selecting a mounting. Do you want u pave or antique pave? Are you looking to intensify color or hide color? Are you looking to make something wider or thinner? All of these questions are things we can answer for you when selecting a ring at deBebians. If you are interested in resetting an heirloom diamond, please contact us for a quote.

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