Human Rights Watch Warns Against Buying Diamonds from Zimbabwe

Human Rights Watch is asking consumers, nations and businesses to avoid in dealing Zimbabwe diamonds.  “Governments and companies should repudiate the decision and refuse Zimbabwean diamonds until the participants in the Kimberley Process can make a clear decision about the export of these diamonds.” stated Arvind Ganesan, Human Rights Director of Human Rights Watch.

The Kimberley Process (KP) is an organization founded in 2003 to prevent circulation of the diamonds created by the exploitation of human lives.

The KP has reported on June 23rd that Zimbabwe’s infamous Marange mines should be allowed to resume exports of its diamonds.  This overturns the recommendations set in 2009 suspending the exports of diamonds due to human rights violations.

While many African nations back the KP’s new recommendation allowing exports to open up again, other nations, including the United States and Canada cry foul.

The KP’s new recommendation allows for Zimbabwe to export and continue diamond mining operations without any human rights abuse over sight.

“Governments and companies should ignore his decision unless they want to make blood diamonds available to consumers and ruin the credibility of the Kimberey Process as well,” Ganesan recommends.

On June 23 Mathieu Yamba, President of the Kimberely Process, stated that Zimbabwe had met the KP’s requirements, but refused to comment to reporters.  He did add, “Consensus cannot mean that everyone has to say ‘yes’”

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