How to Shop Diamonds Wisely

Diamond pricing varies tremendously based upon the quality of the stone. High quality diamonds command a high price per carat, ultimately making for very expensive diamonds. The vast majority of diamonds we see every day are not the highest quality nor are they the ideal benchmark weights. The average engagement ring is in the near colorless range (G-J) and is of SI quality (SI1-SI2). What does this mean for the consumer? It means that you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a diamond can be if you select a color, clarity, and weight combination that gives you a good discount. Selecting diamonds just under the benchmark weights of: (1.00 ct, 1.50 ct, 2.00 ct, etc.) aids in making an engagement ring more affordable without comprising size. Below are specifications of real GIA certified diamonds that show how one can save and get more value out of their purchase.

GIA Certified Diamond In searching at the 1.00 ct mark for a round brilliant, an ideal example would be 1.01 ct G color, SI1 clarity, excellent: cut, polish, symmetry for $5,296.99. This diamond is premium cut with a diameter of 6.5mm, the most ideal diameter for a 1.00 cttw. In search for a better value, I located a 0.90ct G color, SI1 clarity, triple X (excellent cut, polish, and symmetry) for $3,935.12. This diamond measures 6.3 mm in diameter, a rather insignificant size difference for a price gap of $1,361.87. In addition, the average 1.00 ct round diamond does not measure 6.5 mm in diameter so the gap between the two sizes closes even further. The benefit of this is in the amount of savings one can get. This can cover the cost of the mounting and visually, you will get the same appearance in size.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond In searching around the 1.50ct mark, an ideal example would be 1.51 ct G color, SI1 clarity, triple X (excellent  cut, polish, and symmetry) for $10,752.96. The diameter of this stone is 7.50 mm, which is the ideal spread for a stone of this weight. This diamond is pricey because of the quality in cut per size, and healthy balance of high color and clarity. If however, I was looking for something more affordable, I would select this 1.38 ct H color, SI1 clarity for $8,562.62. In dropping one color grade and selecting a slightly lower carat weight, you save $2,190.34. The diameter of this diamond is 7.3 mm; once again, visually this will look the same when set in a mounting compared to other average 1.50 ct options.

Price per carat is set at the benchmark weights, but there are many diamonds available that are in between these brackets. Please contact one of our staff gemologists in assisting you in the selection of a diamond.

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