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How to Care for Your Diamond Eternity Band at Home

Learning how to clean your diamond ring at home properly is an important responsibility in owning diamond jewelry. Cleaning a diamond eternity band is especially important because it features diamonds the entire way around the ring.  By keeping your eternity band clean, you will help it retain its value and you will also be able to spot a possible problem with your jewelry sooner rather than later.  You will be more likely to spot a loose diamond or a loose prong if you regularly clean and examine your ring.


Caring for your diamond eternity band is important. You will be able to spot a potential problem with your jewelry before it actually becomes a problem.

By keeping up with regular cleaning, your diamond eternity band will help each of the diamonds retain their light properties.  Regular cleaning will also help keep oils and dirt buildup to a minimum, which means it will be easier to clean your ring overall.

For cleaning your diamond eternity ring at home, you only need water, a soft brush, or some non-abrasive household glass cleaner.  Allow your ring to soak in warm water or glass cleaner for a short amount of time.  If the eternity band requires it, gently brush it with the soft bristled brush.  It is important to do this gently as you do not want to scratch the band accidentally or loosen one of the diamonds.  If you choose to do this over a sink, be sure that the drain is closed properly with a drain stop.  You do not want to lose your beautiful piece of jewelry down the drain.

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