Hot New Trend: 1920’s Themed Weddings

Themed weddings have always been incredibly fun and unique.  One of the biggest trends to be re-emerging is the integration of the 1920’s look into their weddings as well as their wedding receptions.  Both men and women enjoy the sleek and stylish look of the 1920’s era.

Halo diamond engagement rings are making a comeback in the wedding community.

The 1920’s offer a classic and beautiful style that can translate into every part of your wedding planning.  From the wedding gown to a decorative art deco hairpiece, the 1920’s style can be reflected in each detail.  Even art deco engagement rings can serve as your ideal wedding band.  If you do not like this look, however, perhaps one of many halo engagement rings will strike your fancy.  Halo engagement rings evoke an older, antique style.  Many women prefer and love the classic and traditional look of the diamonds encircling the larger, center stone.

The Art Deco period for jewelry began around 1920 and ended around 1935.  The jewelry in this period was much more bold, especially with the use of brightly colored stones.  This jewelry complemented the fun and playful attitude that was also reflected in the Jazz music and clothing.

No matter kind of dream wedding you prefer, a 1920’s themed wedding would be fun and easy to plan.  Vintage shops and old photos would be a great place to start to pull your inspiration.  Let guests know what kind of event you are planning with playful invitations.  Make your wedding you own and truly embrace your sense of style.

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