Halo style engagement rings… still going strong

Based on our steady sales of halo style engagement rings, I must say that this trend is still going strong. Women just like the extra sparkle provided by the accent diamonds that are set around the center stone in a halo . Women also seem to like how the extra sparkle created by the halo setting make the center stone appear larger from a distance. Some might think that the custom made halo settings are pricey… But, if you think about it – you are paying for more than just the weight of the metal and the carat weight of the accent diamonds , each ring is custom made to fit the diameter of the center stone , so that there is no unsightly gap that is seen with the majority of the readymade halo settings that most of retailers sell. Another factor that contributes to the overall cost of a halo style engagement ring is the cost of labor of setting each individual diamond. Not only does the jeweler have to shape each prong to create a seat for the diamond to set in, but each diamond has to be set , tightened , and re-tightened throughout the diamond setting process to ensure that the ring is structurally sound.

Here , are some of my favorite halo rings that we sell on our deBebians website:




Regardless of whether halo settings are just a fad, and whether or not they remain one of the most popular styles of the all time, I think , it’s worth the expense of buying your girlfriend the ring she wants and not worry if it is going to be a timeless classic or not.




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