Green Bay Packers Championship Ring Packs in 3.35 Carats of Diamonds

Amist the NFL lockout, the Green Bay Packers gathered for a private celebration to accept their championship rings for Super Bowl XLV.  This championship ring nearly trumps all past championship rings with its massive 3.35 total carat weight in diamonds.  Past Super Bowl championship rings weigh In at 2.2 carats for the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV and 1.5 carats for the Giants for Super Bowl XLII.  Only the Steelers 3.61 carat ring of Super Bowl XLIII is larger in total carat weight.

But, in terms of bling and showiness, the Packers ring is definitely king of the hill with 109 total diamonds compared to the Steelers 63.

The highlights of the ring include four football shaped diamonds on the corners of the ring face, on top of a bed of 92 diamonds.  The four corner diamonds represent the four Super Bowl championships won and the 92 diamonds stand for the 92 years that the team has been in existence.  The center piece of the ring is the Packers “G” logo, set with 13 diamonds.  The ring is made of platinum accented with 18-karat gold and weighs a hefty 116 grams.

Each ring is personalized with the player’s last name and jersey number.  The rings were produced by Jostens of Minnesota, and Christ Pitras, Sports Sales and Marketing Director, stated, “Our team of master jewelers took great care to ensure that each unique ring reflects the excellence of the accomplishment and helps each recipient remember and retell their Super Bowl XLV story.”

With the popularity of diamond and precious metal bling rising, who can guess to how exciting the next Super Bowl Championship Ring will be?

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