Graduated Diamond Riviera Necklace & Straight Diamond Riviera Necklace

I have had the honor and privilege to design and manufacture many beautiful diamond riviera necklaces over the past 12 years. I have designed graduated diamond riviera necklaces as large as 20 carats and straight diamond riviera necklaces as small as 6 carats.

Graduated Diamond Riviera Necklace

Riviera Necklace

Diamond Riviera Necklace

On, we currently have a beautiful 10 carat graduated diamond riviera necklace. This necklace features a center diamond approximately 0.75 carats and graduates down to 0.05 carats. The diamond necklace has approximately 135 round brilliant cut diamonds. I personally think the graduated diamond riviera necklace is a very dressy necklace.

Straight Diamond Riviera Necklace

Custom Diamond Riviera Necklace


Just recently, I designed a straight diamond riviera necklace. The goal behind this piece was to have a diamond necklace that someone can wear on almost a daily basis. I love jewelry and I can see my wife wearing this on a daily basis. This straight diamond riviera necklace was designed with 3 prongs instead of 4 prongs and the diamonds are only 0.03 carats each. This 3 prong design keeps the diamonds from flipping over. This necklace has approximately 179 round brilliant cut diamonds and a carat total weight of 6 carats. Jewelry today is trending on the petite styles and this necklace gives such a beautiful, petite look with lots of sparkle.

At, we never compromise the quality of our diamonds or the craftsmanship of our diamond riviera necklaces. This may look like a very simple piece to manufacture, but a piece like this goes through two GIA graduate gemologists just for the diamond sorting. The GIA graduate gemologists handpick the diamonds for cut, color and clarity.  Once the diamonds are laid out, our second GIA graduate gemologist inspects the work of the first graduate gemologist. Let us help you design a custom graduated diamond riviera necklace, a straight riviera necklace or something else you would love to have.




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