Get a Large Carat Weight Engagement Ring for Less

Don’t get me wrong… who doesn’t want a beautiful, large diamond engagement ring?!? It seems that nowadays every celebrity is getting a larger diamond than the celebrity who got engaged right before them. But seriously… who can really afford a 5 carat plus diamond engagement ring?! I know some say that your budget should be about two months salary but for the majority of people, this will not get you close to a 5 carat diamond option. Personally I wouldn’t mind rocking a 5 carat diamond engagement ring but I know the price would be a bit high! Knowing that I love larger center stones got me thinking about other more affordable engagement ring options. But how could I get the larger look without breaking the bank? My first thought was a gemstone engagement ring!

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of gemstone engagement rings ship out of our office that I absolutely love! My top favorites are our morganite and blue sapphire engagement rings! Gemstone engagement rings offer a cost effective alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring and give you a lot of bang for your buck. Look around! I’m sure you’ll notice more and more women wearing gemstone engagement rings.

Here are my top three picks from our recently purchased section…

morganite engagement ring halo

Style # HE74-M currently starts at $2,275.00 for 14 karat gold.

This cushion cut morganite and diamond engagement ring in rose gold is a fabulous choice for a gemstone engagement ring. And look at the price! Currently retailing for $2470 with a 2.50ct center stone. Can you even imagine how much a 2.50ct diamond would be? You’d be looking about $20,000 and up.

This is one of the most classic engagement ring styles ever! It features tapered baguettes set into rose gold. The center round morganite is 2.50 carats. See, I love bigger rings! A 2.50ct diamond would set you back much more than $1430!

morganite engagement ring three stone

Style # HE173-M currently starts at $1,330.00 for a 0.90 ct center morganite or $1,430.00 for a 2.50 ct center morganite, both in 14 karat rose gold.

Love this ring! Ok, it’s priced like a diamond engagement ring ($7363.75) but the center blue sapphire is 3.00 carats. This is a gorgeous engagement ring and a great alternative to the classic all diamond engagement ring.

sapphire halo engagement ring

Style # HE3511-BS is currently priced in 14 karat gold at $2,763.75 for a 1.00 ct center sapphire, $5,363.75 for a 2.00 ct sapphire, or $7,363.75 for a 3.00 ct sapphire.

When you begin your search for an engagement ring, be sure to think about alternative styles as well. Yes, lots of women have dreamed about their diamond engagement rings for years and years! However, more and more women are wearing gemstone engagement rings that are absolutely gorgeous and can offer a more budget friendly price. It’s definitely something to consider once you start your search for your perfect engagement ring!

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