Gemesis to offer GIA Certified Lab Made Diamonds

Gemesis Corp., once based in Lakewood Ranch, has announced that they will be soon offering lab made diamonds of H color grade and VS clarity as large as one carat.

Gemesis first started when Carter Clarke, founder, met a Russian businessman in a trip to Moscow that asked him if he wanted to buy 3 diamond making machines.

He purchased them there and hired three scientists to work and test the machines and set up Gemesis in Florida.  They had started out working with the University of Florida to work out and research the machine and processes.

Gemesis has now moved over most of its production facilities to Malaysia, for economical and market reasons.  Stephen Lux, CEO, has stated that Gemesis is now getting ready for a large push to market later in this summer.

The move to Asia makes sense as the middle and upper classes population is rising rapidly in China.  China has unveiled the first De Beers location at the beginning of this month to signify and service the growing demand for consumer diamond jewelry by its citizens.  Today, India and China account for twenty percent of the worlds demand for diamond jewelry and the demand continues to rise.

Lux has confirmed that not only are the companies diamond supply ready for the new push to market, but that consumers can already place orders.  These diamonds are GIA certified and marked as lab made, but can also cost about 25% less than an earth mined diamond.

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