Flush Set Engagement Rings

What is a flush set engagement ring?  A flush set engagement ring is an engagement ring that a wedding band can sit flush or next to the engagement ring without any gaps.

deBebians Engagement Rings

One of our most popular diamond accented engagement rings is style number HE255, which is our Diamond Accented Diamond Engagement Ring.  This particular ring is very popular in style “B,” which has accent diamonds on the under halo or bezel.  If you look at this ring very closely you will see the prongs sticks out from the band, which will make a wedding band push out from the ring and not sit flush.  In my professional opinion I don’t like changing the design of the engagement ring so a wedding band can sit flush but, I understand it bothers some clients and that why I can manufacture almost any engagement ring into a flush set engagement ring.

Engagement Rings

In the picture above I designed style number HE255, our Diamond Accented Diamond Engagement Ring, as a flush set engagement ring.  As you can see from the CAD rendering, I tucked in the legs so a wedding band can sit flush next to the engagement ring.

Radiant Engagement Ring

As you can see from the pictures above, we started out with style number HE286,which has a beautiful diamond encrusted basket. I modified it to a flush set engagement ring with a diamond encrusted basket.  Now, this particular customer can wear a wedding band flush next to her engagement ring and she will not see a gap between her engagement ring and wedding band.

At the end of the day the ring is on the clients finger and I will do everything I can without compromising the integrity of the rings I design to make my clients dream a reality.



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