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fine jewelry care Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about what NOT to do with your engagement ring and jewelry. I talked about not wearing your jewelry to the gym or even worse in my opinion, the beach! Just recently I was celebrating 4th of July in Ocean City, Maryland with family and friends. One of my oldest and dearest friends and I were swimming in the ocean, playing around and even riding waves. After about 15 minutes of being in the ocean, I looked at her hands and realized that she was wearing her engagement ring AND a beautiful rolling ring that her husband had given her as a gift to welcome their first son. I freaked out and told her she was crazy and was going to lose them. Another friend of ours offered to ‘put them in a safe place’ in the zipper pocket of his board shorts. I laughed out loud and told her she was crazy and needed to get out of the water and put them in an actual safe place. What was he going to do?!? Body surf a wave with $20,000 worth of diamonds and jewelry in his ‘safe place’ bathing pocket?!?

The reason this stuck out to me was a) I just blogged about this b) since I have been in the jewelry business for years, my close friends know me and tend to be more mindful of their jewelry. It made me think once again to warn people about being careful while wearing fine jewelry and to be mindful of the places you actually wear your jewelry. Maybe I have seen too many wedding rings get lost on honeymoons as they slipped off a finger and into the ocean without ever being noticed. Be careful where you wear your jewelry! Can you even imagine losing your engagement ring or wedding band? No, it would be so sad because one of the best parts of jewelry is the sentimental value of each piece.   Be mindful where you wear your jewelry… you can never be too cautious! 🙂

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