Finding the Perfect Gift for Your Five Year Wedding Anniversary

All of your wedding anniversaries should be joyous and special occasions. It can seem difficult to find your significant other the perfect gift for such a momentous occasion. The first five years of marriage are said to be the most difficult, but also the most rewarding.

Each wedding anniversary has a symbol or gift associated with it. Many of these symbols and traditions seem outdated today and are often replaced by a modern equivalent. The 5th wedding anniversary is associated with the traditional symbol of wood, however today many choose to honor this anniversary by gifting silverware to their loved one.

This amazing five stone ring is set with brilliant round diamonds in a shared prong setting. The total carat weight in 1.00 and the band itself is made from platinum 950.

Diamonds and jewelry in general are always good ideas for wedding anniversary presents, although it is more meaningful if you choose something with careful thought and consideration. A five stone diamond ring, for example, is the perfect gift for a 5 year anniversary, with each stone representing one year of marriage. She may wear this ring on any finger that she chooses, but many will choose to wear a five stone ring with diamonds as an upgrade to a plain gold wedding band. It can even be worn on the same finger against her engagement ring. You can truly do no wrong when it comes to wearing one of these magnificent pieces of jewelry.


A five year wedding anniversary is no small feat. The most important thing to remember is that this an incredible accomplishment for both of you. The bonds of marriage should not be overlooked or overshadowed by presents. Marriage is about love, commitment, and the promises that you have made to each other. Appreciate one another, and it will be easy to make your marriage last another five years.

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