Finding the Perfect GIA Certified Diamond

At deBebians, we have the perfect team of GIA graduate gemologists and diamond specialists to find you the perfect GIA certified diamond.  For those of you who like to do your own diamond search, we have an amazing loose diamond search.  Our loose diamond search has over 80,000 certified diamonds.

Personal Diamond Shopper

Our staffed GIA graduate gemologists and diamond specialists find the perfect diamond for our clients all the time. On a weekly basis, our team impresses our clients and even me with the diamonds they find.  Just recently, one of our diamond specialists found a beautiful 3 carat emerald cut diamond I would never have believed unless I had seen it with my own eyes.  Our diamond specialist found a 100% eye clean SI2 clarity emerald cut diamond.  Because emerald cut diamonds have step cut faceting, you can see easily inside of the diamond without a microscope.  Therefore, we generally never recommend an emerald cut diamond lower than VS2 clarity.  After years of experience, we have learned how to find the perfect diamond that our clients are seeking.  This is why the Personal Diamond Shopper is the best way to find a perfect GIA certified diamond.

Loose Diamond Search

If you want to search yourself for a loose diamond, our interactive loose diamond search is the best way to find the perfect GIA certified diamond.  You can search by shape, color clarity, carat weight and even cut grade.  Within the results you can see each individual GIA certificate.

What sets us apart from other online diamond companies?

Since we don’t own our diamonds, we only care about one thing–finding the perfect diamond for our customer.  This is really our only goal.  When a customer purchases a diamond, we always have our diamond specialists or GIA graduate gemologists personally examine the diamond to ensure that it fits our high standards.

If you need assistance with finding a loose diamond, please do not hesitate to call on us.

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