Favorite Morganite Engagement Rings

With our morganite sale in full swing, I thought I’d take a look at the styles we currently offer in our collection and make a list of my top five picks.  It was actually really difficult to decide since we’ve added various different sweet designs into the section, which are all viable in their own way.  The five below are just the five I feel I like the most out of the section.

1) Morganite Diamond Cluster Art Deco Engagement Ring

Morganite Diamond Cluster Art Deco Engagement Ring

I’m a pretty simple person as anyone who follows our blog regularly would know, so something like this is probably toward the limit of my extravagance.  It has a really fascinating design though, which is why I have it in my top 5.  The round diamonds beside the center morganite form a triangle in mini clusters.  The band itself is pretty standard pave with milgrain, but matched with the lines formed by the clusters and along the side, it just seems like a perfect combination.  The side of the band has a kind of art deco motif with vaulted similar to architecture with a bezel diamond set right into the side.

2) Morganite Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring

Morganite Twisted Solitaire Engagement Ring

This solitaire engagement ring is definitely one of my favorite designs.  I have a thing for designs that have asymmetrical twists such as this one as it’s a refreshing take on metal working and general design.  I just love the play on shapes and with the pink gold and morganite, it just seems so comforting.  The prongs rise up from the twists of the band and hug the center stone and just cradle it.  It’s so sweet and affectionate.  This piece is pictured with a 0.90 ct stone, but like most of our morganite rings, it can be set for a 2.50 ct stone for not that much more which allows you to get a ring that makes a big impression without much additional cost.

3) Morganite Looped Shank Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Morganite Looped Shank Oval Halo Engagement Ring

I’ve really always loved our looped shank oval halo engagement ring, so I was super excited when it got added to the site in a morganite version with an oval morganite.  The style is charming and sweet with soft loops that seem to hold the center oval halo in place.  The style has always struck me as being like the bow of a ribbon making it similar to a string on the finger in a promise or other kinds of sweetly decorative accessories.

4) Morganite Twisted Double Shank Engagement Ring

Morganite Twisted Double Shank Engagement Ring

This engagement ring totally emphasizes the two-become-one idea as it has a double shank that twists to combine and wrap around the center stone.  It is a sentimental depiction of how the lives of two lovers join together in love, which is just a sweet concept for an engagement ring.

5) Celtic Knot Morganite Engagement Ring

Celtic Knot Morganite Engagement Ring

This Celtic knot morganite engagement ring is one of our latest designs that we added to the site.  The knotted portion is supposed to be akin to the knotted roots of an oak tree which depicts the idea of eternity.  Coupled with the rose gold and peachy pink morganite, it just makes a romantic message everlasting love love.  The morganite stone sits atop the system of knots held in place by four prongs in a way that seems like it is cradled in a nook.

I hope you liked taking a look at some of my favorite morganite rings.  I could really go on and make this a top 10 because so many of our designs are so delightfully affectionate.  They’re really great for the price as well since a for morganite, going from a 0.90 ct stone to a 2.50 ct is only a difference of $100!  If you tried to do the same thing with a diamond, you’d be paying thousands, so there’s a whole lot of savings to be had by going the non-traditional route with morganite gemstones.

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