Favorite Cushion Cut Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamond engagement rings and fancy colored engagement rings in general have grown in popularity due to their uniqueness and unexpected beauty. Fancy colored cushion diamonds are among my favorites because they are versatile and look lovely in a wide array of settings. I have selected a few of my favorite engagement ring settings that showcase a fancy yellow cushion cut diamond.

1. Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring with Yellow Diamond Accents

cushion cut yellow diamond engagement ring

Style # HE118-YY

For a luxurious engagement ring, I recommend this particular setting because not only does it feature a yellow center stone, it also features fancy yellow accent diamonds for an added pop of color. This engagement will certainly stand out amongst a crowd.

2. Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring for Canary Diamond

fancy yellow diamond cushion ring

Style # HE104-YD

This two tone engagement ring features white diamonds on the band and fancy yellow diamonds on the halo. The combination of gold tones and diamond colors complements and enhances the beauty of the center stone.

3. Yellow Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

canary cushion engagement ring

Style # HE210Y

The G color VS clarity white diamonds that decorate this setting immaculately offset the color of the center diamond. Our yellow diamond engagement rings are also manufactured with an 18 karat yellow gold cup and prongs, which further enhances the color of your center stone.

Each of our yellow diamond engagement ring settings can be modified to fit a different diamond shape or carat weight. Please contact our jewelry experts for details. Also, select engagement rings, including our yellow diamond engagement rings, are currently on sale for an additional 10% off. Use coupon code SUMMER during checkout to take advantage of our Summer of Love Sale, which ends July 15th.

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