Fancy Cut Diamond Eternities for the Holidays!

Diamond eternity bands are great gifts to give during the holidays. An eternity band can represent an anniversary, a new addition to your family, or just another year having passed by with your loved one by your side. As the holidays are quickly approaching, take a look at some of our newest fancy cut diamond eternity bands! These eternities are stackable so you can easily have more than one and they come in a variety of combinations of diamond cuts so they never get old. In addition, deBebians is offering our extended holiday return so there is no reason to wait!

fancy cut eternity rings

Style # CEB-400V in white metal

Cushion cut: A soft pillow shape diamond that is brilliant cut faceted. Cushion cut diamond eternities can look similar to a round brilliant so you can mix and match easily as both cuts complement each other. Cushion cut diamonds offer you the ability to go lower in clarity since inclusions are easily masked.

fancy cut diamond eternity bands

Style # RED-400V in rose gold

Radiant cut: A rectangle diamond with truncated corners, which is also brilliant cut faceted. Radiant cut diamonds can sometimes be mistaken for a princess cut, but the main difference is in the shortened corners. Princess cut diamond eternities will always have square shape stones while radiant cut diamond eternities can have the option of a more rectangular shape. If you have a personal preference for the diamond shape, you can contact us for more information.

Style # BER-01 in yellow gold

Style # BER-01 in yellow gold

Baguette cut: A rectangle diamond with standard corners, this diamond is step cut faceted. Baguette eternities are typically channel set and require higher clarity. Step cut faceting creates a window into the stone so inclusions can become visible if the clarity is not VS2 or better.

fancy diamond cut eternity ring

Coming soon!

Emerald cut: Our emerald cut eternity bands are coming soon! deBebians is going to begin offering emerald cut diamond eternity bands in a variety of carat weights. Emerald cut eternities also requires higher clarity because they are step cut faceted. Emerald cut diamond eternities are very similar to our asscher diamond eternities with the exception that they are rectangular in shape. However, they will have truncated corners like an asscher or radiant diamond. If you have an emerald cut engagement ring, or want an eternity band that is very unique, you might consider matching it with an emerald cut diamond eternity band!

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