Famous Yellow Diamond Rings

I love yellow diamonds — also called fancy yellow diamonds or canary diamonds (or any combination of those) — because they are so sunny and cheerful, exotic and rare. Many celebrities choose yellow diamonds for their jewelry, which is a primary reason why these fancy diamonds have become more popular over the years. In this post are photos of five stunning yellow diamond rings either worn by celebrities. Popular designs seen here include solitaire and halo. A canary diamond looks particularly rich when coupled with 18kt yellow gold, as is seen with Heidi Klum’s gorgeous yellow diamond engagement ring (pictured below), but is also very elegant when set in white gold or platinum.


Here at deBebians, we specialize in halo style yellow diamond engagement rings that feature an 18kt yellow gold cup, further highlighting the center yellow diamond. A few great examples of this look, above, include: Brook Mueller’s engagement ring from Charlie Sheen, Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring from Mike Fisher, Gretchen Rossi’s engagement ring from Slade Smiley, and Kelly Clarkson’s engagement ring from Brandon Blackstock (pictured below, respectively). We can make custom modifications to any design, create a new design from scratch, or emulate a celebrity design based on photos.





Yellow diamonds are continuing to grow in popularity and are a gorgeous alternative to traditional white diamonds. Part of the allure of yellow diamonds is their rarity, and our yellow diamond search includes oval, cushion, radiant and pear shapes in a variety of intensities. Other shapes are also available from us upon request, but are even rarer and in limited supply. Just call, e-mail or live chat us to get in touch with one of our three GIA graduate gemologists for a free consultation, and we can make your dream of yellow diamonds come true! 🙂

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