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I’m probably the staffer here that really doesn’t hide how I’m not really in favor of rings with tons of diamonds and a huge ton of sparkle, but I have a great appreciation for design and things that are just a little different in some way.  Those small differences can make a statement about who you are and can be indicative of how you’re special.  So on that note, I thought this week I’d give a look to some of my favorite eternity ring pieces.

1) Single Prong Diamond Band

1.00 cttw Single Prong Diamond Band

Style # BLDSSP100V

There’s something about the simple design with the single prong between each of the diamonds that really fascinates me.  Each diamond also has a scalloped basket just under it that follows the contours of the stone exactly so that basically all you see from looking above is the tops of each of the diamonds. The single prong in between is just about the only metal you see when worn on the finger creating a simple design that is really all shine and relatively secure since each stone is nestled into their respective baskets.

2) Infinity Diamond Eternity Ring

Best Eternity Rings

Style # DWB-16

Considering how much I love the infinity style engagement rings and rings with twists in them in general, this is probably no surprise.  The infinity style is meaningful in a number of ways with the obvious being that it adds extra “eternal” meaning to an eternity ring, but also emulates many other things in life and nature that have twists or paths that intertwine like this.  For the more scientific, it can be similar to the double helix from DNA and can even say that the love and affection that the ring represents goes way down to one’s core.  There’s also twisting vines and the intersections of roads, which can show fated paths that bring two people together.  There’s a lot of ways that a ring like this can be special to a couple, and that’s why it’s on this list.

3) Curved Pave Diamond Wedding Ring

Curved Eternity Ring

Style # CWB-03

This curved band is particularly unique because it’s similar to other curved bands we’ve made to sit flush next to engagement rings, but the shape and contours of the band aren’t  strictly adhering to any specific shape and has a very subtle bend in the band which is also very popular among standalone rings which makes it a unique design of eternity ring that you can just wear on its own or actually even use as a wedding band.

We hope you enjoyed this look into some of my favorite picks at diamond eternity rings. We have plenty of other options to choose from as well that are also fascinating and even incorporate other diamond shapes.  Please be sure to check them out!

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