Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Rings

To me, there is just something about emerald cut diamond eternity rings.  Of course I also love round, cushion, oval and radiant cut diamond eternity rings to name a few others.  However, there is just something about the classic look of these emerald cut bands that speaks to me.

Here is a little more information on emerald cut diamonds.  Emerald cut diamonds have what is called step-cut faceting.  This means that you have longer facets that run parallel to the girdle of the stone.  Typically these stones also have truncated corners.  With emerald cut diamonds, their shape is more rectangular as well.  Length to width ratio can vary and really it’s total personal preference.  Some prefer a 1.33 length to width ration while others prefer a 1.5 length to width ratio.

Here are a few of our emerald cut eternity rings that we manufacture.

  1. Eternity Band with Emerald Cut Diamonds
    Emerald Cut Eternity Rings

    This particular emerald cut diamond eternity ring features about 4.00cttw diamonds.  Each diamond weighs 0.16-0.17ct.  With step cut diamonds, it is very important to keep the clarity higher.  This eternity ring has VS (very slightly included) diamonds.

  2. Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band
    Emerald Diamond Eternity Rings

    This emerald cut ring is quite impressive at 6.00cttw. Here each diamond is 0.30ct each.  Currently selling for $13,935, this would make an incredible anniversary gift or right hand ring.  I have even seen more clients gravitating towards a larger eternity ring as their engagement ring.  This would definitely work for that!

If you love emerald cut diamonds, and you know who you are :), we have you covered.  With a few options for emerald cut diamond eternity rings as well as five stone rings and other designs, you are bound to find the emerald cut ring of your dreams.  Also, remember that we are able to custom manufacture most anything so keep us in mind if you do not see exactly what want.  Happy shopping!



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