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Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band Spotlight

Emerald cut diamond eternity bands are fabulous! I mean who wouldn’t want a wedding band with emerald cut diamonds?!? There is just something about the step cut faceting of an emerald cut versus the brilliant style faceting round or cushion cut diamonds. Perhaps it’s the way emerald cut diamonds can remind you of a different era. Who knows why they look so amazing in an eternity ring, they just do!

You may be wondering, ‘what is a step cut diamond’? Well, it’s basically when a diamond has larger facets that run the length of the gemstone/diamond (parallel to the girdle) in a step like pattern. They can be square (asscher cut) or rectangular (emerald cut or baguette). Both are gorgeous and it really comes down to personal preference.

Step Cut Eternity Bands

Left: Rose gold asscher eternity ring (style # AEB-400-14V). Right: Emerald cut eternity ring (style # ECER-01).


One important thing to note in step cut diamonds is that you can easily see into the diamond. Because of this, you want to choose diamonds with a higher clarity grade (VS2 or better, if possible). Here at, we offer a few different carat weight options for our emerald cut eternity rings but no matter which you choose, all diamonds will be F-G color and VS clarity. If you need a different color and clarity option, please contact us for a custom quote.

Here are two of my favorite emerald cut diamond bands that we offer….

1. Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Ring

Emerald Eternity Rings

Style # ECER-01

This 3.00cttw emerald cut wedding band features approximately 25 diamonds (the exact number will depend on your finger size). This means that each diamond is about 0.12ct. Notice how the diamonds we use are F-G color and VS clarity. The clarity is something extremely important in step cut diamonds and should not be overlooked when you are purchasing.

2. East-West Baguette Diamond Eternity Ring

Emerald Cut Wedding Ring

Style # DWB-22

Ok, well this is not an emerald cut diamond band BUT it does feature step cut diamonds. 🙂 I just love this east west design with baguette cut diamonds! An east-west diamond setting is so in and the combination of step cut diamonds in a channel really showcases the design perfectly. Don’t you just want two of these baguette cut bands?!? One for each side of your engagement ring. I do!

If you need assistance with an emerald cut diamond eternity ring, do not hesitate to call on us. It is important to know that here at deBebians, at least one of our staff GIA graduate gemologists will sift through parcels of diamonds to ensure a perfect match in color, clarity, measurements and even faceting. Yes, faceting can vary, too! This very important step ensures that a perfectly matched layout is used in each emerald cut eternity band.   Happy shopping!

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