Emerald Cut Diamond Eternities are Here to Stay!

emerald eternity bands

Per my request, deBebians is now offering emerald cut diamond eternity bands! I have always loved emerald cut diamonds, specifically when they are in an eternity band. When I was a little girl, I remembered my grandmother’s diamond band. The linear faceting in an emerald creates a very unique pattern of windows that you can seriously get lost in while gazing into the stones. You get this when you have a multiple emerald cut diamonds set tightly together, and then rock the band back and forth in the light. Since emerald cut diamonds are rectangular, I also remembered how big this band felt. By today’s standards, her band would not seem so outrageous, there is something to be said about rectangular shape stones v. square ones. I feel that rectangular shape stones appear larger than square shape options of the same size, so it would make sense that an emerald cut diamond eternity band might appear larger than a princess cut eternity band of the same carat weight. Whatever diamond cut is your preference, deBebians is here to share in the same obsession for diamond eternity bands. Though we may have more designs on the way, emerald cut eternities are the newest additions to our site.

Our emerald cut eternities can be manufactured in a variety of carat weights, starting with approximately 3.00cttw. Finding layouts of small cut fancy diamonds is very difficult; our 3.00cttw eternity uses the smallest available size emerald cut stones which is approximately 0.12ct each! Our 4cttw eternity will jump up in size using approximately 0.16pointers, 5cttw using 0.22pointers, and so on and so forth. Since every finger size is different, the number of stones in each eternity can vary slightly. A finger size 4.5 and 8 can’t possible fit the same number of diamonds around, however at deBebians, we always make sure our eternities are as close to the target weight as possible. If you have an unusual finger size, this does not mean you will be penalized in the carat weight of your band.

Higher clarity is important with emerald cut eternities. Since emerald cut diamonds are step cut faceted, they have large facets which act as windows into the stone. If there is a visible crystal, you will see it every time you look at your band. All of our emerald cut diamond eternities are manufacture with VS clarity diamonds so that there are no visible inclusions to the naked eye. This does give you fewer options since some of our other eternities can be manufactured with lower clarities.

If an emerald cut eternity is for you, let us know! Feel free to email us at general@deBebians.com if you have any custom requests or questions.

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