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Does Platinum Scratch Easily?

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Platinum Pros and Cons

Platinum is a very good material for jewelry. All jewelry will scratch and when platinum does it actually dents and dings verses scratching. Gold and other metals will scratch and the metal will wear over time. Platinum will wear, but at a much slower rate.


  • Platinum is a pure white metal and therefore does not need to be (rhodium) plated to make the product appear white.
  • Scratches can be removed or reduced by a professional jeweler by polishing out the scratches.
  • The material actually dents and dings versus scratching.
  • Platinum will last a lot longer than gold
  • For clients who have a nickel allergy, we always recommend platinum. Platinum is a hypoallergenic and we have not heard of anyone with an allergy to platinum.


  • It’s a softer material and with jewelry trends going towards very delicate pieces especially rings, one has to be very careful when it comes to platinum. Very delicate rings in platinum can bend and cause micro pave’ diamonds to fall out.
  • Due to the softer material, platinum can show a patina easier than gold.

All metals have pros and cons, but in my professional opinion, I would recommend platinum for engagement rings and wedding bands. All metals, gold, platinum, silver, titanium etc will show signs of wear. Don’t necessarily be scared off from buying platinum jewelry just because you think it may scratch… all metals will.

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