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On November 23rd was the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, and I was really excited and very pleased I got an opportunity to pick out and design some Doctor Who Inspired Jewelry which we posted to our tumblr.  We were doing quite a lot for the Hunger Games, which I also loved, but I wanted to throw some love to the Whovians and show some nice classy options that my fellow lovers of Doctor Who could enjoy.  I’d seen some other TARDIS rings and TARDIS inspired jewelry, but to me they seemed really blatant and as a geek girl myself, while I like geeky things and wouldn’t mind a ring that has a band that looks like a police phone box, a TARDIS inspired ring doesn’t need to LITERALLY look like a police phone box.

For my own personal style, I like finding the geek chic items for my fashion style that look like normal, nice, high-end items, but have a nice little geek accent to them.  It makes them appropriate to wear in any scenario without someone staring you down like you’re just some kid, you should grow up and act like an adult, or you’re wearing costume jewelry.  There’s a number of brands growing to cater to this style as well including Disney, who sell Disney Couture gowns (you heard me; I own two) and Disney inspired jewelry at their parks, and Sanrio with their collection of fancy looking bags and wallets that sometimes have crossover collaborations with brand name designers and stores as well as going into selling tasty wine both imported from Italy or bottled in California’s Napa Valley!

It’s with all of that in mind that I put together my choices for Doctor Who inspired jewelry because just because we’re geeks, doesn’t mean we can’t look nice, fancy, and elegant.


Above is my choice for a TARDIS Inspired engagement ring setting with an emerald cut blue sapphire.  We recently added this engagement ring and I just thought it’d look great with a blue sapphire.  The blue sapphire is of course in a lovely hue of TARDIS blue, but it is an emerald cut stone which emulates the contours of the big blue box, but the step cut faceting creates a “bigger on the inside”-like optical illusion.  It’s kind of like standing between two mirrors and looking at each one of them.  With the tapered round diamonds going down the band just behind it, it’s like the planets and stars in the distance as the Doctor whizzes past them to the next adventure.  You really don’t get more of a time and space feel than this.  Halos are normally a bit much for me, but if I had an engagement ring like this that reminded me of one of my geek passions, I’d be sold on it.


Personally, Amy Pond is my favorite companion along with her husband Rory Williams.  The fifth season was also one of my favorites and the sweetest because of their relationship together, so Amy’s engagement ring is something I have a bit of a soft side for.  Her ring was a simple solitaire with a 6 prong crown-like head with a cathedral taper.  Her exact ring actually had the vaulting part of cathedral band alongside the diamond whereas the one above has it underneath the diamond to raise it up, but it’s similar enough that I feel confident in recommending this to my fellow fans of the Ponds.

The beauty of a solitaire engagement ring too is that it’s a great way to show off a hard sought, beautifully perfect diamond.  It stands on its own in all of its glory.  So if you want something huge, amazing, and perfect like the Gallifreyan 5 point star diamond featured in The End of Time during David Tennant’s era, putting it in a solitaire with little to no extra accentuation is a perfect choice as well.


The above was the choice I made to represent the 11th Doctor.  Both the oval cut and pear cut are shapes that are said to have a “bow tie” effect, which of course totally suits Matt Smith’s Doctor.  The combination I chose above has a ruby with rose gold to match a red bow and pink shirt combo he wore earlier in his tenure, but for those who prefer his silhouette with a blue or purple tie, you can get this ring with a blue sapphire or make a custom request for a purple stone.  You can also change the metal color to white or yellow gold to match your favorite 11th Doctor look.


This is a wedding band I chose that just struck me as seeming particularly Gallifreyan.  The large and small circles that go around the band reminded me of the Gallifreyan written language.  In my headcanon, if River Song got a wedding ring from the Doctor, this would have been a cute wedding band design for her.


This ring is one we actually did quite a while back as a custom design for a customer.  It features a champagne diamond halo with an aquamarine center stone set in yellow gold.  It really reminds me of David Tennant’s look as the 10th Doctor though because his look was full of so much brown and blue.  The yellow gold band in particular also seems reminiscent of regenerative energy which was an important part of his story which led to the meta-crisis and Ten-Two.

The above were the ideas I had before the 50th anniversary, but after watching the episode, I have a few others.  This also means spoilers below!


I’ve been trying to get a good look at Clara’s fingers since the beginning of season 7 because of the rings that she wears and on one hand she has this braided yellow gold ring that looks something like the above.  In the 50th, I got to finally get a good peek at it when she was climbing out of the painting of Arcadia burning.  It’s a fairly standard handmade woven ring, but probably a must for anyone who loves Clara or wants to cosplay Clara.


Then there was that climactic moment where The Moment showed its big red button to the War Doctor and they had to choose whether or not to burn Gallifrey to save the universe from the unending Time War.  The ring above totally reminds me of that with its box-like features with the channel set diamonds beside it and the flower-like head of the ring holding the ruby button in place.  The big red button also literally looked like a giant ruby and I was thinking about that the rest of the episode.  Nevertheless, with a ring like this though, it emphasizes your OWN moment where you decide you want to spend the rest of your life with that special person and when you give them this, you give them their choice to Time Lock your relationship.


This lovely piece is a brand new addition that we just made for the site.  I didn’t replace the emerald cut stones with blue sapphires this time because I wanted to show the standard look of depth and beauty that an emerald cut gives and a diamond really does it better than a blue sapphire.  Emerald cuts just seem like Time Lord technology because the faceting combination and refraction of light truly give off that “bigger on the inside” look.  The tapered emerald cut stones in the band of this ring also seem similar to how all of the Doctors were standing in the very last shot of the 50th anniversary and of course the epic ending of all of the Doctors’ incarnations coming together to save Gallifrey.  While there aren’t exactly 12 diamonds like there were 12 Doctors standing in that last shot, this ring does give that feel and we could always custom modify this ring for you if you want a piece that literally represents all of the Doctors and their respective TARDIS accompaniment.  This ring is simply gorgeous and if I was an aspiring Time Lady that really loved the whole franchise and all of the Doctors, I would definitely want this ring.

Anyway, this was a quick look at jewelry that I think can inspire my fellow Whovians who are in love.  We have plenty other designs on the website that I’m sure you can find your own references to in the 50 year history of the show too, so please feel free to explore the site!

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