Different Shape Morganite

At deBebians.com we are proud to have a wide selection of loose morganites and morganites in different settings.  Below you will find the available morganite shapes that we currently have available.

Cushion Cut Morganite

Cushion Morganite Square cut cushion morganite is one of our most popular shapes.  Our cushion cut morganite has a special cut that brings out the fire and scintillation in the stone.

Rectangular Cushion Morganite

Elongated Cushion Morganite Rectangular cushion cut morganite is a great option for someone who has longer fingers.  Our 2.50 carat rectangular cushion morganite will measure approximately 10mm x 8mm.

Round Morganite

Round Morganite Our round morganite is the second most popular shape.  We have a special cut on this stone as well.    As you can tell from the picture, the faceting makes this stone sparkle differently than other round morganite in the industry.

Heart Shaped Morganite

Heart Morganite One of the most difficult shapes to find in morganite is the heart shape.  We have our stone cutter cut heart shaped morganite stones for us.  Having our stone cutter cut the morganites for us gives us the control to make every single morganite a perfect heart shape.

Oval Morganites

Oval Morganite Oval shapes morganite is one of the most common shapes.  Oval morganite is another great shape for someone who is looking for something with a little more coverage on the finger.

Pear Morganites

Pear Morganite One of my favorite morganite pieces I designed was an engagement ring using a pear shape.  I love the way the stone looks like a tear drop.  The video below will show you this beautiful pear shaped engagement ring.


We source any shape, color and any size morganite stone.  Please contact me if you are looking for a one of a kind morganite.  I can also get an ordinary morganite and have my stone cutter add additional facets to make it a one-of-a-kind sparkling beauty.



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