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asscher cut diamonds

Asscher diamonds are becoming more and more popular.  I have seen an increase in asscher engagement rings as well as asscher eternity bands.  I often see them on the fingers of celebrities and perhaps this is why we are receiving so much interest in these pieces.  Another reason for this increase in popularity could be that in my opinion, asscher cut diamonds remind us of fine estate jewelry.  In my opinion, square diamonds are the second most popular diamond shape sold and asschers fall into this category.  Asscher engagement rings and eternity bands are the perfect way to display these diamonds.

Many celebrities can be seen wearing asscher cut diamonds. Kate Hudson wore an asscher cut diamond ring that she received from her first husband.  Ashlee Simpson is another popular celebrity that can be seen wearing a five carat asscher diamond ring.  Nick Lachey presented a 4.5ct asscher cut diamond ring to Vanessa Minnillo when he proposed.  So many celebrities are selecting asscher cut diamonds that I am sure that’s a major reason for their increased popularity.

double halo asscher engagement ring

As a GIA graduate gemologist and jewelry designer, asscher cut and emerald cut (rectangular step cut diamonds) remind me of jewelry from the 1920’s and 1930’s.  Asscher cut diamonds were first faceted in 1902.  From that time on, asscher cut diamonds have been used for engagement rings and wedding rings.  At deBebians, we sell asscher eternity rings and asscher engagement rings quite often.  Customers often ask about round, princess and cushion cut diamonds but are now more and more asking about asscher diamonds.

asscher eternity rings

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