Diamond Cut Spotlight: Radiant Diamonds

Radiant diamonds are becoming more and more popular and this makes me very happy! I absolutely love radiant cut diamonds! In my opinion, radiant diamonds are a perfect combination of a princess and a cushion. Years ago when I was working in retail, I fell in love with a fancy yellow 5 carat radiant cut diamond engagement ring with accenting white diamonds. I mean, what’s not to love?!? However, once I moved to online diamond sales, I quickly realized that princess cut diamonds were the hot selling square shape stone. Then it seemed that all anyone wanted was a cushion cut diamond and I wondered why radiant cut diamonds didn’t seem as popular. Well… they’re back! 🙂

diamond ratio radiant

Diamond ratio for radiant diamonds.

There are so many reasons why a radiant diamond should be considered. For one, you can play with the shape. If you like square or rectangular, you can find the length to width ratio that you are seeking. For me, I love anything with a 1.15-1.3 length to width ratio. Some customers prefer a more perfect square and this can be absolutely gorgeous too! Keep in mind that a square radiant will look similar to a princess cut but the corners on the radiant are cut and offer a softer look. Also, please consider that length to width ratio is total personal preference.

Another reason why I love radiant cut diamonds is that I feel that they are more forgiving with body color. For example, when I have a client searching for a cushion cut diamond, I always recommend going higher in color (D-G, if possible) because to me, cushion cut diamonds tend to show body color easily. However, with a radiant cut diamond, I think you can go to a GIA I or even J color and the diamond will not show too much body color. Yes, it will have a warmer tone but to me, it will still not show color quite like a similar color cushion cut diamond.

eternity rings radiant Recently we made a custom 2.52cttw radiant cut diamond eternity ring and it actually is one of my new favorite pieces.

When searching for that perfect diamond and you’re considering princess cut and cushion cut diamonds,   be sure to add radiant cut diamonds to your mix. Believe me, you will be happy that you did!

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