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Diamond Cut Spotlight: Asscher Diamonds

June 05, 2014 1 min read

asscher engagement rings

Style # HE168

I recently got an order for an Asscher diamond engagement ring, which was very exciting to me because we do see many requests for that kind of diamond cut. Here at deBebians, we love every diamond shape and sell just about every diamond type available. This blog is dedicated to highlighting the beauty of the Asscher cut diamond since we are so excited to make this ring!

Asscher diamonds are square cut diamonds which feature step cut faceting and truncated corners. Asscher and emerald cut diamonds can appear similar, however an Asscher is never a rectangular shape. There can be subtle differences in how Asschers and emeralds are cut as branded lines seek to distinguish different cutting styles; they are however, step-cut faceted diamonds which is distinctly different than a brilliant cut diamond.

asscher loose diamonds

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