Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

What if you found a ring that you fell in love with, but it wasn’t exactly everything you wanted it to be and you knew that with your own vision you could have your dream ring? A deBebians designer can help turn your vision into a reality by helping you design your very own custom engagement ring.

Amongst many of our designers, I am the head designer at deBebians, and I was able to help one of our customers create her perfect, custom engagement ring. This customer had spent a lot of time browsing the deBebians website to find the perfect ring. She came across the double halo engagement ring design (style number HT5011). After many hours of searching, she finally called us and asked to speak to a designer and got a hold of me. She explained to me that she had a large round diamond and loved the design of the HT5011 ring, but wanted to customize the ring a bit further. I asked her if she liked the double halo setting as the “truncated halo” or if she was interested in completely changing the halo to a round double halo. She was very intrigued with that idea. She went on to tell me that she wasn’t crazy with the center row of micro pave diamonds on the shank (ring portion). I explained to her that she could keep the two outer rows of diamonds and replace the center with an infinity shaped design. Next, we talked about how she can use different metal colors (white, yellow, or rose gold) to finish her ring. She decided to go with a tri-color ring. After a lot of idea bouncing, we decided to use two of the color tones on the main portion of the ring and incorporated the third tone under the halo. After finalizing her idea and turning her ideal ring into a reality, I provided her with a custom quote. She agreed to move forward with the design process. The birth of her ring began. Within 1-3 business days I emailed her a CAD (Computer Aided Design) rendering and we communicated via telephone to make sure everything looked just like she wanted it to. With her approval, the manufacturing process was started. Ten days later the customer’s very own designed custom engagement ring was shipped out to her.

Here is a picture of an actual ring that a customer saw on our website:

Triple Shank Engagement Ring

Style # HT5011

Here is what her final custom engagement ring looked like:

Custom Tri-Colored Engagement Ring

Style # HE190

So, it is always important to remember that what you see is not always what you get. You can always contact one of our designers here at deBebians to help you design your very own custom engagement ring.

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