Dangers of Buying Diamonds Online: What Is Drop Shipping?

deBebians never drop ships diamonds to our customers. Our staff gemologists inspect each loose diamond before it is sent to the customer.

Here at deBebians, we sell GIA and EGL certified loose diamonds.  When a customer buys a loose diamond, the diamond always comes through our office first before it ships to you.  Our policy is to have at least one staff GIA graduate gemologist personally inspect the diamond prior to it being shipped to the customer.  In my experience, I have found that some online diamond companies never actually see the diamond before it ships to the customer.  What they do is called ‘drop shipping’.  The diamond is shipped directly from the diamond cutter to the customer and it never even passes through the doors of the company you are purchasing from.  This is a way for online companies to save shipping and insurance fees. At deBebians, we feel it is not the right way to sell a loose diamond and we want inspect each and every diamond that we sell.

Buying a loose diamond can be a nerve-wracking process.  Not only is buying a loose diamond a huge investment, doing so online can add even more stress to the purchase since you are not able to physically see and hold the diamond prior to making your purchase.  With that said though, buying a loose diamond online can have lots of benefits.  It’s great to do your diamond research online and to make your purchase online because the savings can be substantial and really make it worth it.  Plus, you can compare many more loose diamonds than you probably would be able to in a traditional brick and mortar store.

One of our staff GIA graduate gemologists checks a loose cushion cut diamond under magnification.

deBebians does not drop ship loose diamonds.  We feel it is critical to verify each diamond personally and for each diamond to be inspected by our staff gemologists.  Sometimes when we inspect a diamond, there is something about it that we do not like (perhaps an inclusion visible with the naked eye).  If this happens, we reach out to the customer, explain our concerns and begin the diamond search all over again.   It is very important to us to make sure that the customer is extremely satisfied with their loose diamond purchase.  Of course, drop shipping is the cheaper way to go for online companies because it does offer a savings for the company.  However, rest assured that when you buy your loose diamond from deBebians, it is personally inspected by a staff GIA graduate gemologist before it gets to your doorstep.

To contact one of our three staff GIA gemologists, please email

Maggie at Maggie@deBebians.com

Olivia at Olivia@deBebians.com

Sam at Sam@deBebians.com

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