Cushion Halo Engagement Ring for Round Diamond

Cushion cut diamonds and cushion cut halo engagement rings are very popular nowadays.  However, a lot of people have round brilliant cut diamonds or older style engagement rings and they are looking for a change.  Many customers are seeking the cushion shape and either want a cushion cut diamond and/or a cushion cut halo shape engagement ring.  The question is should you sell your round diamond and look for a cushion cut diamond or remount your current diamond into a cushion halo engagement ring for a round diamond?

Let’s talk about the diamond first. If you already have a round diamond, you’re good to go with using your center diamond and designing a cushion halo around it.  In my opinion, a round brilliant cut diamond is far more brilliant than a cushion cut.  Another benefit is that a round brilliant cut diamond measures larger than cushion cut diamond.  However, with all this said, I do really love the look of cushion cut diamonds and the look of a cushion halo engagement ring.  The rounded corners offer a softer design and a more elegant look.

At we can modify any cushion halo engagement ring for a round diamond.  I have designed over 1,500 custom engagement rings.  It’s very usual for me to design a halo engagement ring in a shape other than that of the center diamond.  In this case, with CAD (computer aided design), the customer can visualize and see the cushion halo for a round diamond.  By making the halo engagement ring in CAD, this ensures that there will be no gaps in the halo and that the center diamond will fit perfectly into the setting!  From a distance, people won’t notice the center stone is a round.  There will see a gorgeous cushion cut halo engagement ring.

If you would like to modify a setting, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to assist you with your engagement ring purchase.

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