Congratulations to Mariah Carey and James Packer!

News is really abuzz right now about Mariah Carey’s engagement to James Packer last Thursday and for good reason! Reportedly, the Australian billionaire had a 35+ cttw three stone engagement ring designed for her with estimates of the total cost of the ring is estimated to be up to $10 million.

Packer had the ring designed for Carey by one of Carey’s friends of more than 25 years, Wilfredo Rosado, who had talked to Carey over the years about her style of jewelry. Rosado told that designing the piece was a challenge for him because he “wanted to create the most gorgeous ring for my dear friend.”

The article is ambiguous about what the exact carat total weight of the ring is and seems to imply that the center stone alone is 35 carats, which is still believable, as it compares the stone to the 33.19 carat Krupp diamond given to Elizabeth Taylor by Richard Burton. This basically shoots Carey’s ring up to the top of most expensive engagement ring in history. (Comparison to the Krupp diamond is why since that ring is $8.8 million.)

The design of the ring itself is simple, according to Rosado, as since they were designing around an incredibly large center stone, there was little need for extra embellishments and diamond accents that are common with many of today’s engagement ring styles and trends. Other than the center, the only other diamonds on the piece are the much smaller tapered baguettes to the side of the center diamond that spotlight the incredible center stone, but are practically inconsequential relative to the size of the emerald cut diamond between them and are just part of the overall design for the look of the piece and suiting Carey’s jewelry tastes. The setting though is made out of platinum and with double prongs securely holding the emerald cut diamond in place.

Production of the piece supposedly took about two weeks worth of planning with 12 hour a day workdays on the part of the jewelers. An amazing piece though for such a prestigious diva.

Photos of the ring are available exclusively on Vogue with the full details surrounding the creation of the ring straight from their interview with Rosado.

If you’re looking for a similar style though, we have the style below, which is comparable albeit set with a much smaller center stone.

Emerald Cut Three Stone Engagement Ring with Tapered Baguettes

Style #HE168

The three stone look though is exceptionally popular these days as it’s a simple design with only a little bit of extra pizzazz just so that you don’t have a completely plain band. The effect of the tapered baguettes in particular though is a perfect match with a step-cut center stone like an emerald or an asscher diamond as there’s a stylistic consistency and a windowed mirroring effect as light bounces through the stones.  It’s incredibly sophisticated and stylish with solid lines from the facets providing a sense of depth, and on the baguettes drawing eyes toward the center for a “Wow” impact as the stones widen toward the main attraction that is the center diamond.

Many of our clients are inspired by celebrity engagement rings and the styles that they favor. If you want to get more inspiration from celebrity engagement rings, check out our gallery dedicated to celebrity couples and their engagement rings.

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