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Yellow and rose gold are very popular choices as an alternative metal for engagement rings. Yellow and rose gold are warm in tone and color, which help blend your engagement ring into your every day jewelry. If you prefer yellow or rose gold jewelry over white gold, you should consider manufacturing your engagement ring and wedding band in these metals. While platinum and white gold will continue to be popular choices, it certainly is not necessary if a white precious metal is not your preference. Below are some of our best engagement ring styles that we think are not only gorgeous, but that they also look beautiful when made in yellow or rose gold.


Yellow and Rose Gold Solitaire Ring

Style SE-05 is your standard solitaire engagement ring. I love yellow and rose gold solitaires because you can really see the metal, as compared to pave set engagement rings. When diamonds are set in the metal, you don’t get the full richness of the gold since the diamonds take up most of the visible surface area. If you love colored metal, I highly recommend considering a solitaire or any design that leaves some high polished metal.

Rose Gold Bezel Engagement Ring

Bezel set engagement rings provide an opportunity to have a touch of colored gold without compromising on other areas such as the halo or shank of the ring. Our style HE309 features a u pave style diamond accented shank with a bezel around the center diamond. I love this ring with a rose gold bezel since rose gold is my preference. This ring is two toned so you can still wear it with white gold bands or other jewelry. We also offer yellow or rose gold bands with a white precious metal bezel.

Colored Gold Bezel Engagement Ring

Another example of this is our style HE255. This cushion halo design can feature a rose or yellow gold bezel while still maintaining a white diamond halo and shank. This ring is perfect for someone looking for a vintage style halo engagement ring and whom might want a pop of color, but still maintain a overall white metal look.

If you are interested in customizing one of our engagement rings, please do not hesitate to contact our jewelry experts. We would love to provide assistance as well as a custom price quote in order to help achieve your dream ring.

Update: This post was originally published on October 1, 2015. It was updated with new information on February 12, 2019.

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