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Christie Brinkley wins a $35k Diamond Encrusted Watch by Audemars Piguet

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Audemars Piguet hosted a contest backstage at the 2011 Tony Awards during the celebrity gifting session for a $35,000 diamond encrusted watch.  The contest was grabbing a key from a fishbowl of keys to see if the one picked would open a locked chest.  The lucky celebrity would receive a beautiful unique watch by Audemrs Piguet.

Shortly after Christie Brinkley arrived to the “gifting suite”, the moniker for the backstage area where celebrities receive their free swag, her gifting suite escort fainted.  Christie was fast to watch over the young dazed and confused patient while waiting for the medics to arrive.

Then the former Mrs. Billy Joel  sauntered over to the bowl of keys to correctly pick and win the fabulous watch.

Christie wasn’t the only winner that night, as it was reported that Hugh Jackman also walked away with a beautiful diamond encrusted watch.


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