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Celebrity Engagement Ring Spotlight: Priscilla Chan

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We can’t help but admire Priscilla Chan and her individuality.  She recently married college sweetheart Mark Zuckerberg, days after she graduated from medical school at the University of California, San Francisco–no small feat, we may add.  The happy couple met over nine years ago while studying at Harvard.

Although the press and the media in general have been hard and critical of the new couple and their less than extravagant choices, we commend them for stepping outside of the glitzy, predictable celebrity box.  They had a lovely, small wedding ceremony at home.  Zuckerberg opted for designing a beautiful, ruby engagement ring that is estimated to cost $25,000.  Priscilla Chan’s engagement ring also features diamonds and a yellow gold band.  While some media outlooks and readers may think that this is not enough money for a billionaire to spend on an engagement ring, we love that he chose something more meaningful for them as a couple.

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