Celebrate the Life of Your Loved One with Memorial Rings

Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday in May each year as a time to celebrate those that have died during our nation’s service.  Americans choose to celebrate this day and commemorate our fallen soldiers in their own way, but many family members of those that have been lost are choosing to wear memorial rings for their fallen loved ones.

The wish to remember a lost loved one always and to keep their spirit and memory close is not a new wish or idea.  For generations, people have been finding tasteful and appropriate ways to memorialize their loved ones.  The idea behind memorial jewelry is to always carry your loved one with you in your mind as well as in your heart.  Physical reminders, such as memorial rings, are befitting for keeping your loved one with you always, in a way.

Wearing jewelry to remember a deceased loved one is not a new notion by any means.  Some of the earliest examples of mourning jewelry can be dated back until the 15th century in Europe and later it was a worn as a status symbol during the 17th and 18th centuries.  Mourning jewelry reached its full height in England after the premature death of Prince Albert in 1861.  Queen Victoria went deep into mourning for her lost husband, and the emergence of black jewelry in England was worn as sympathy for the queen’s widowhood.  In the United States, mourning jewelry increased in popularity during the Civil War.  Coincidentally, Memorial Day was initially called Decoration Day and originated when groups of women would decorate the graves of those that fell during the Civil War.

memorial ring

A platinum band can be engraved on the inside with a loved one’s name or initials.

Today, it is customary to purchase a plain ring, such as a platinum band or even a black eternity ring to honor the memory of a loved one.  The plain ring can be engraved on the inside with a sentimental message or even the person’s name or initials to hold their memory close to you.

For Memorial Day, please remember what this holiday truly stands for.  It is a day that has been set aside so that our nation can get together to remember, reflect and honor those who have given their all in service to our country.

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