Bridesmaid Gift Idea – Gold Disc Initial Pendants

With summer just around the corner, we start to get into the peak time period for holding weddings.  As a part of wedding planning, traditionally there is a gift that the bride gives to her bridesmaids for all of their help in making her special day happen.  Bridesmaid gifts can be as affordable or expensive as you would like to make it and as your budget will allow, but a great option to consider would be a gold pendant with their initial as it is an incredibly thoughtful representation of your appreciation.

B for Bridesmaid in Aquamarine White, Yellow, or Rose Gold to Personalize Your Bridesmaid Gift


White, Yellow, and Rose Gold Pendants

At deBebians, each our disc pendants can be found in white, yellow, or rose gold making them easily able to blend into your girls’ personal fashion sense.

Nine Distinct Gemstone Choices for a Bridesmaid Gift


Nine Distinct Gemstone Choices

We also carry nine distinct gemstone options to cover your bridesmaids’ favorite color, your wedding theme color, or even their birthstone.  Choose from amethyst, aquamarine, black diamond, blue sapphire, peridot, pink sapphire, ruby, yellow sapphire, or diamond for your bridesmaid gift.

Flush and Pave Setting Bridesmaid Gifts


Flush and Pave Settings

You can also choose between two setting styles.  We carry flush set pendants and pave set pendants.  The flush set pendants have the gemstones set straight into the gold, while the pave set pendants have the gemstones set within a relief of the letter initial.

There are also 4 options of chain length as well so if your bridesmaid would like a longer chain with their gift, their bridesmaid gift can come with a 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, or 24 inch chain.

The most important thing is to have the ladies you asked to be your bridesmaids in mind and to pick something heartfelt and meaningful for them.  They are assisting you with your special day to make it memorable, so surprising them with one of these pendants or letting them choose their own customization options is a lovely way to display how grateful you are with your bridesmaid gift.

As with all of our products, if there is a modification you would like to make to one of our pieces that isn’t on our site, feel free to give us a call at 213-627-1300 during our business hours to inquire about a custom design.

We also have engravable disc pendants as well if pieces made entirely out of gold are more preferable to yourself or the ladies in your wedding party.

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