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Blue Diamond Sets New World Record

This gorgeous blue diamond set a new world record this week when sold at auction. (Photo credit: Dominic Favre / EPA)

This has been an exciting month for record-setting loose diamonds.  Not only did the Archduke Joseph Diamond fetch a record setting $21.5 million this week, but a flawless, deep-blue gemstone also set another world record.  The diamond sold at auction on Wednesday evening for $10.86 million, which was twice of the pre-sale estimate.  The impressive sale set the record price for a blue diamond per carat weight.

Laurence Graff, a London luxury jeweler, bought the drop-shaped precious gem over the telephone.  The diamond weight is approximately 10.48 carats and is very similar to the size (and shape) or an almond.

“It is certainly a world record price per carat for a deep blue diamond,” said David Bennett.  David Bennett is the head of Sotheby’s international jewelry department.  Her later told reporters, “it is an extraordinary stone, a very, very mystical deep blue.”

This stone, as well as many others sold during the auction, have been bought on the basis of possibly being re-cut.  This diamond is speculated to be re-cut into a 7-carat vivid blue diamond.

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