Baguette Cut Diamond Jewelry

The word “baguette” is French and comes with the meaning of “long rod.” The baguette cut diamond was created in early 20th century from about the 1920’s to 1930’s. It emerged into a jewelry business during the time of Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods and became very popular due to its functionality and geometrical form. Another factor that made the baguette cut very popular was its weight. The dimensions of the stones is what characterizes them instead of the weight. Baguette cut diamonds usually weigh less than 1 carat. Clarity is another important factor in a baguette cut diamond.

While they are might not be the most sparkling of cuts, long and lean baguette diamonds bring a sense of understated cool to diamond jewelry. Traditionally, baguette diamonds have been used as accents to other cuts, but these stones do have an attractive luster, which is making them win starring roles in modern jewelry designs. Baguette cut diamonds make a great statement when placed with other cuts due to complete lack of curves, which makes a beautiful contrast when paired with round, oval, pear or marquise cuts. They also look amazing with the emerald cuts or asscher cuts – they belong to the same family of step cut diamonds. Here are some of my favorite jewelry pieces that we sell on our website that feature baguette cut diamonds:





There is something special about a baguette cut diamond that is lovely and clean. A baguette cut is simply elegant and they are beautiful in just about any type of jewelry that one can imagine. Please visit our website for more styles of baguette cut diamond jewelry or give us a call for a custom quote.





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