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Ask deBebians for Help with Choosing a Loose Diamond

When searching for that perfect diamond for your engagement ring (or necklace, earrings, etc…), be sure to seek the advice of a professional. There is so much to learn and understand about diamonds and as much as you can read online, it’s great to get free expert advice. Here at deBebians, we have GIA graduate gemologists on staff who can provide you with diamond education and assistance with diamond searches. The beauty is that we do not own the diamonds in our loose diamond search so we perform our searches worldwide solely based on your search criteria (budget, shape, color, clarity, etc…).

A super helpful tool that we offer here at deBebians is our Personal Diamond Shopper  request form. Here on this form, you can enter exactly what you are looking in a GIA certified loose diamond: your preferred diamond shape, color, clarity, budget, etc. Once we receive your form, one of our GIA graduate gemologists or on staff diamond experts will run a search for you. We email you multiple diamond options, GIA grading reports and even sometimes actual diamond photos and/or videos. This is a free service which you should really take advantage of. There is no reason not to. Ultimately this will give you hand selected diamonds where you can compare the diamonds side by side. Typically, I will even rank them in my favorite order and tell you why.  🙂

Be sure to take advantage of our personal diamond shopper form because there is no reason not to. Turnaround time is no more than one business day. You will receive hand selected diamonds based on what you want to purchase and no purchase is even required.  We extend our diamond search worldwide to give you multiple options. We look forward to assisting you with your GIA certified loose diamond search! Happy shopping!


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