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loose diamond expert

When searching for your perfect loose diamond, you really should ask for assistance from a GIA graduate gemologist. There can be so many benefits in doing so. You may find a better diamond, a better price or perhaps learn something new. There is a lot to consider when selecting your loose diamond and a trained GIA graduate gemologist will be able to easily guide you through this process. After all, buying a loose diamond should be a fun, painless and stress free!

Just the other day I had a client interested in a 1.20ct GIA certified cushion cut diamond. It was a fabulous diamond with G color and VS1 clarity. It measured well for the carat weight at 6.02 x 5.75mm and the price was $5769. I decided to run a search to make sure that this was the best option for my client and lo and behold, I came across another diamond that was quite similar. The cushion cut diamond I found was a 1.17ct GIA certified G color, VS1 clarity that measured 6.08 x 5.94mm. The price on this diamond was $5624… a savings of $145. When I ran it by my client, they hadn’t seen it because they had capped their search at 1.20ct. Basically, the diamond I found was not only $145 cheaper but it also was going to look larger face up. Yes, we’re talking 0.2mm but still… wouldn’t you want a larger looking diamond with the same qualities for less money?!? I would!

This is just one example of many where a set of professional eyes can possibly help you find a better diamond. Don’t be shy… fill out our free Personal Diamond Shopper request form! One of our staff GIA graduate gemologists will get back to you with a few diamond options including GIA grading reports, our professional opinion and possibly photos of the diamonds. You never know what you could be missing so it’s really important to seek professional guidance.

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