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Are Celebrity Engagement Rings Getting Too Big?

The Huffington Post recently expressed that they believe that celebrity engagement rings are getting too out of hand in terms of their size.  While they fully support celebrities in embracing new trends such as wearing a colored wedding gown or having a small and intimate ceremony–they do not support the large carat weights that many celebrities are choosing for their engagement rings.

At deBebians, we believe that a couple can select the size and shape diamond or gemstone of their choice.  When it comes to engagement rings, there are no set of rules that a couple must follow, which also applies to celebrities.  We love and embrace all things beautiful and sparkly, no matter what the carat weight.  We selected a few celebrity engagement rings that we think are simply divine regardless of their size.

Halle Berry’s engagement ring is one of our favorites.  It was presented to her by French actor Olivier Martinez and features a stunning natural emerald set in yellow gold.

It’s no surprise that we love Jennifer Aniston and we adore her recent engagement to Justin Theroux.  The ring is an estimated 10 carats and features a yellow gold band in a four prong setting.

Carey Mulligan’s engagement is our last selection, but nothing short of beautiful.  Her ring features a white diamond surrounded by two blue sapphires and was presented to her by Mumford and Sons member Marcus Mumford.

Although we do not agree or disagree with the Huffington Post’s recent article, we will say that an engagement ring is a very personal decision.  A couple will decide what is right and the most meaningful for them.

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