Antique Style Engagement Rings without a Halo

It is easy to associate an antique style ring with a halo engagement ring because many antique styles incorporate lots of metal and pave work around a center stone. Craftsmanship in metal work has always been part of the allure of antique style rings, but this does not mean you need to have a halo design. Other features of antique styles are ornate basket designs, bezels, hand engraving and milgrained edges. Below are some designs that are antique style, but do not have a halo.

Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

Hand Engraved Engagement Ring Hand Engraved Engagement Rings

Hand engraving is one of the most beautiful features of antique style engagement rings. There are so many patterns an engraver can choose from, so in a way, each ring can be entirely unique. One of the benefits of hand engraving is that it protects your ring from having visible scratches and dullness from everyday wear and tear. I find hand engraving to add a metallic shimmer to antique engagement rings, which is distinctly unique from accenting diamonds or a high polish finish. If you know you do not want a pave accented engagement ring but a solitaire seems too simple, a hand engraved accented ring could be a great option!

Bezel Set Engagement Ring

Style # SE-12

Bezel setting a diamond always reminds me of antique designs, even when there are no obvious antique style accents to an engagement ring. A bezel setting is when the center diamond is held into place with a metal rim that latches onto the girdle, rather than prongs (which may only latch in four places). Jewelry is so deeply rooted in the art of metalsmithing, that the more visible metal, the more antique a ring feels to me. Nowadays, people say β€œmore diamond, less metal,” but antique designs truly are all about the beauty of metal. The bezel of a ring can be high polished or milgrained, so it can be categorized as both antique as well as modern depending on the design.

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