A Look at deBebians Quality Control Practices

deBebians Fine Jewelry Before any piece of jewelry leaves our office, it is inspected multiple times throughout the manufacturing process. From the initial inspection after the piece is cast to the end final product, we examine every aspect of the piece. It is because of this attention to detail and constant inspection that our jewelry is the way it is, which is timeless and beautiful!

Here is an in-depth look at our inspection process:

  1. The CAD (if needed) is compared side by side to the piece of jewelry (actual or the product photo from deBebians.com). This first step is critical in making sure that the piece of jewelry is designed properly and correctly. We check widths, finger size, number of diamonds, estimated total carat weight, etc. All the details must be correct from the start.
  2. The cast piece (now in raw form) is inspected by our in-house jeweler and jewelry designer to check for any manufacturing defects. Here we check for porosity and missing prongs that perhaps didn’t make it through the casting process or broke off. This is another critical piece to jewelry manufacturing that cannot be overlooked.
  3. Diamonds and gemstones are hand sorted by an in-house staff GIA graduate gemologist. Diamonds and gemstones can vary in terms of color, clarity, faceting, mm size, and carat weight. For example, if we are manufacturing a radiant diamond eternity ring, we initially lay out all the diamonds so that they can be measured, checked for color/clarity, and ultimately weighed to make sure everything is consistent. If one thing is overlooked, the piece may ‘suffer’ and may not be the best it can be at the end. Below these points I have included a review from a customer who bought a radiant eternity band from us and had it inspected by her own, independent appraiser.
  4. The next step is for our in-house polishers and jewelers to do their magic! The piece of jewelry is polished and the diamonds and/or gemstones are set. Next, any finishing touches, including rhodium (if needed), are now done. Getting close…the piece of jewelry is almost finished!
  5. Once our jewelers have finished, the item goes to another in-house gemologist for a detailed microscope inspection to be completed. The prongs are inspected to ensure that they are the same size and to make sure that they are holding the diamonds securely. We also inspect each and every individual diamond and gemstone to make sure that nothing is loose or chipped. Finger size is checked and we make sure the proper metal stamps are inside the piece of jewelry.
  6. The last step is our final quality control (QC) before the piece ships. Once again the item is inspected to make sure everything is correct and all is perfect! An insured shipping label is created and voila, the piece is off! 🙂

Below is one of our many positive jewelry reviews. This review demonstrates our attention to detail and dedication to quality.

deBebians testimonials

There are many stages to our jewelry manufacturing process. Each aspect of the jewelry making process is monitored and closely inspected by many along the way during manufacturing. We pride ourselves on beautiful fine jewelry and without this attention to detail our work wouldn’t be the same. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Happy shopping!

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