What Diamond Shape Are You?

1. What word best describes you?

2. What kind of outfit best describes you?

3. During my free time, you can find me...

4. What is your ideal vacation?

5. When thinking about your ideal diamond, which one best describes what you are envisioning?

6. Which flower do you like the best?

7. Pick a song / melody.

8. Pick a color.

9. Which animal do you like the most?

10. What type of shoe is your favorite?

11. What hairstyle is your favorite?

Please make some selections and try again!

Image credits: "Audrey Hepburn black and white" by Bud Fraker • Bouquet de Roses by Le Point Bleu • "We Can Do It!" by J. Howard Miller • "Outfit | Very by Vero Moda, Gina Tricot, Cubus and Marc Jacobs tranclucent sunglasses" (cropped) by Barbo Andersen • "Anna Wintour 2009 crop" by LGEPR • "Unique" (cropped) by Jiří Zralý • "Untitled" (cropped) by Daniel Oines • "OOTD / June 07 2010" (cropped) by Dee • "Tao Beach, Las Vegas" (cropped) by leyla.a • "Bohemian makeup.jpg" by Bohemian makeup • "Nikki Phillips (7127337995).jpg" by Eva Rinaldi • "Gaga at monster booth2" by Domain Barnyard • "Jennifer Su - Christian Dior Shades (Safilo)" (cropped) by Jennifer Su • "Jake Pavelka & Vienna Girardi 2010" (cropped) by Josh Hallett • "Holiday City Mini Mall" (cropped) by LancerE • Music & Movies: CFC Gala & Auction Fundraiser 2014 (cropped) by Canadian Film Centre • "Night Out (3999594874)" by Tony Hisgett • "Relaxing in a hammock" (cropped) by Chris Parfitt • "Tour eiffel at sunrise from the trocadero" by Tristan Nitot - standblog.org "Casa Blanca lily 02" by Joe Mabel • "Cyndi Lauper (6826793641).jpg" by Eva Rinaldi • "Spice Girls (6 janv) 56" by Kura.kun • "Kelly Clarkson 2010-02-13" by vagueonthehow • "JENNIFER LOPEZ - DANCE AGAIN WORLD TOUR (8407390301)" by giorgioerriquez • "Mules maryjane black wedge-heel.jpg" by Pudsly • "Heel 04.jpg" by [Tycho] • "Shoe Fetish AlexMcQueen" by Srotoys • "Half Ponytail.JPG" by Stilfehler • "Chignon.JPG" by CMoi • "Girl with beautiful french braided hair" by Stilfehler • All rest in public domain.


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